Shop Appi is a cashback and shopping benefit Application for the smart shopper looking for the best deals! We're like you, we love to shop - that's why we have put together the best tools to help you find the best deals. We work hard so our members can benefit from welcome bonuses, monthly bonuses, 10% cashback and much more!
To become a member of Shop Appi, you must sign up and agree to the Terms of Service. You also must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United Kingdom.
You can join Shop Appi by downloading the Shop Appi Application from the iTunes store, and then visiting the Benefits Section of this Application. Here you can find all the information to sign up for Shop Appi. If you are satisfied with the savings you are receiving, you simply do nothing! After the 30 day trial, you will be charged £7.99 each month for your membership.
To join Shop Appi all you need to provide is a credit card that you can enter manually or just scan to instantly fill out all of the information. If you are having trouble scanning your credit card, just make sure you have enabled your camera in Safari.
You can enjoy up to £250 cashback each month through Shop Appi.
Shop Appi will send all of your cashback to your bank account that you can enter in the Account Section. All you need to provide is your IBAN number to a registered UK banking institution.
An IBAN or International Bank Account Number is your bank account number in a standard, internationally recognised format. We use this number to process the amounts that will be credited to your account, making them faster, safer and cheaper.
As a member of Shop Appi you can receive an ongoing Monthly Member Reward when you shop online. On top of this, you can get 10% cashback with all of our merchants. These offers are additional to any other offers the retailer is promoting at the time. Retailers in the programme are subject to change; please see our terms and conditions for more information.
Shop Appi membership is just £7.99 per month.
You can contact us at any time by going to the Account - Contact Us section of the Application.
If at any time you're not completely satisfied with your membership, simply email us at customerservice@shopappi.co.uk or call our Customer Service team on 0800 023 2583 (Monday to Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm and Saturday 9:00am - 4:00pm, excluding bank holidays). You can also cancel your membership using our online cancellation service 24 hours a day.
The time it takes to credit cashback can vary depending on the merchant. Normally, it's about 48 hours, but it is possible for this process to take up to 30 days. Some Affiliated Merchants participating in Shop Appi are able to report your purchase as soon as the product is dispatched. Some Affiliated Merchants, however, cannot confirm your purchase until the return period for the product you have purchased has elapsed.

Once you complete your purchase, Webloyalty International Sarl ("WL") actively requests an order confirmation from the Affiliated Merchant so we can credit your account as soon as possible. Once the Affiliated Merchant finalises the purchase details, we will immediately send you notification via email and update your account summary. When using vouchers and special offers at any of our Affiliated Merchants, we can only provide your cashbacks with the use of vouchers that are listed on the Shop Appi Application. Still wondering about a purchase made more than 30 days ago that isn't showing in your account summary? Contact Customer Care at cashbacknetwork@shopappi.co.uk.
Each month, we will credit your account on file for the amount that you have earned, as long as it is over £5.00. However, if your cash backs total less than £5, we'll credit your account on the next payment cycle, as soon as the total cash backs have reached £5.
Your cashback will be deposited into the bank account that you have listed in the Account Section of the Application
Yes, subject to the £250 monthly cap, as long as you access their site through the Shop Appi Application. Just remember to make Shop Appi your gateway to your shopping and you should always be tracked! If not, there is a simple process for any missing purchases that is listed below.
We work with our Affiliated Merchant to provide you with special offers and vouchers that you can combine with the cashbacks for maximum savings. We include this within the Application as a fungame! Normally any vouchers or special offers are not combinable, but you can check with the Affiliated merchant to see if they allow for such combinations of offers. If you choose to use vouchers and special offers that are not listed on the Application, we cannot guarantee that you will be eligible to receive cashback on your purchases.

Furthermore, please be advised that vouchers and special offers listed on the Application are subject to change. Restrictions may apply. WL tries to present the most accurate offers but cannot make guarantees due to the time-sensitive nature of these promotions.
Virtually every item you purchase through the Shop Appi qualifies for cashback, subject to monthly cap of £250. We cannot, however, give cashbacks for taxes, delivery, or any portion of a purchase that is paid for with vouchers, gift certificates or a credit provided by the Affiliated Merchant. Any purchase of products and services in which the transaction is substantially completed by telephone does not qualify for cashback. In addition, any Affiliated Merchant specific special terms are listed on the individual Affiliated Merchant detail page prior to clicking through to the Application of the Affiliated Merchant.
You can see this information in the Account Section of the Application, and can view your summary transactions and cashbacks earned.
You can see this information in the Account Section of the Application, under ‘Details'. There you can modify any of your personal information if needed.
No, you must be a resident of the United Kingdom to be a member of the Webloyalty Program and to subsequently become a member of the Shop Appi.
No. WL can't give cashbacks for the portion of a purchase that is made with vouchers or codes. Nor can we give cashbacks for the purchase of gift certificates, vouchers or gift cards.
Returns are subject to the return policy of the Affiliated Merchant from whom you purchased. If you return or cancel an item, we have to reverse any cashback granted in respect of that purchase.

Exchanges make cashback ineligible. In the process of an exchange, the Affiliated Merchant cancels the old order and replaces it with a new one. When doing this, the commission received by WL from the Affiliated Merchant is reversed and a new commission is not established because the Affiliated Merchant has created a new order (thus meaning the order was not completed through the Shop Appi - but placed through the Affiliated Merchant directly). Because of this, the Affiliated Merchant will not pay WL the commission, which means WL does not have a cashback to pass on to you.

To avoid losing the cashback, please make sure all returns are final and that they do not constitute an exchange. Have the Affiliated Merchant refund your credit card, and then re-place the order through the Shop Appi to receive the cashback.
You have three months from the date you joined Shop Appi to claim your initial Cashback Voucher. Simply make an online purchase at the retailer you joined through, or as otherwise outlined in your membership details, and email us the purchase or booking confirmation receipt within 30 days of making the purchase/booking.
You can claim a Monthly Member Reward every calendar month. Just make a purchase at one of our retailers and follow the steps outlined in the Account Section within 30 days of making the purchase/booking.
Earning cashback is easy with Shop Appi. All you need to do is use Shop Appi to search for your favourite products. Once you find your item and go to ‘buy now' you will be redirected to the product on the merchants site. You complete the purchase there, and Shop Appi automatically tracks the purchase , so you don't need to submit a receipt. Your cashback will be tracked automatically and we credit your account (please remember that the beneficiary's name on the bank account must correspond with the name of the Shop Appi Member). Once you've earned £5 cashback or more, we'll post a deposit to you in your account. If you've earned less than this, we'll roll the cashback over to the next month. Cashback is paid on the net value of purchases, excluding VAT, all other taxes, surcharges and any additional costs such as delivery.
Cashback and rewards are paid to you by direct deposit into your bank account. Please check your IBAN information in the Account section to ensure your details are correct. If no bank account information has been filled out, we will be unable to send your cashback and it will be rolled over into your account balance, until you do provide us with a valid IBAN number.
When you send in a claim for a reward or bonus, our team need to process it and arrange payment. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for us to provide your welcome cashback voucher and/or Monthly Member Reward Deposit. Cashback deposits can take up to 90 days from the purchase date, depending on retailer terms. You can track your cashback in the Account Section
If a transaction hasn't appeared in your shopping report and 30 days or more has passed since you made the purchase, you can report the missing transaction. You'll need to complete the online Missing Transactions form in the Accounts Section. We will investigate any missing transactions for a 6 month period of time.
Returns are subject to the return policy of the retailer you purchased from. If you return or cancel an item, any cashback granted in respect of that purchase will be reversed.

Exchanges also result in cashback being reversed. When an exchange occurs, the retailer cancels the old order and replaces it with a new one. When doing this, the cashback commission we received from the retailer is reversed and a new commission is not established because the new order was not made through the Shop Appi Application. To avoid missing out on cashback, make sure all returns are final. If you need an exchange, have the retailer refund you, then make another order through the Shop Appi Application.
Yes. When you click through to a retailer from Shop Appi and make a purchase, you are on a secure connection called Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
WLY* SHOPAPPIWL.CO.UK is the text which appears on your bank statement to reference your membership with the Shop Appi programme. Some banks limit the number of characters on these descriptions, and therefore WLY* SHOPAPPIWL.CO.UK will appear, rather than shopappi.co.uk. 0800 023 2583 is our customer service phone number.
When Shop Appi credits you for cashback, rewards or bonus', or bills you for your monthly membership fee, you'll see the reference WLY* SHOPAPPIWL.CO.UK on your bank statement, along with 0800 023 2583 which is our customer service phone number.
We email every new member a join email and a notification within the Application the day they sign up. If you are a member, we would have sent this to the email address you provided when you signed up. The join email contains details about how to make the most of your membership. In the first 30 days of your membership, we'll be in touch by email a number of times to remind you about your membership benefits, and about your upcoming billing date. Then we continue to send regular emails about offers available to you. In addition, you will receive notifications in your Application in the Accounts Section.
Shop Appi is a member of the Return Path Certification programme. Return Path enables us to monitor our membership communications to ensure that you receive important emails concerning your membership. As a Return Path programme member, we are part of a network that covers more than 2.5 billion mailboxes.
With Shop Appi, you have in one place, all your favourite retailers & products. Just select the item that you want to buy, and you are redirected to the retailer site to complete the purchase. Shop Appi tracks your purchases automatically to calculate your 10% cashback savings.
As an extra bonus to our members, we also offer the Welcome & Monthly Member Bonuses, which allow you to enjoy your cashback , not only through the application, but also in store. By providing a valid sales confirmation receipt from your in store purchase with one of our Affiliated Retailers, we will provide you your cashback voucher. Please keep in mind that the in-store purchases can only be used with the Welcome & Monthly Member Bonus, and doesn't apply to the 10% cashback.
At Shop Appi we love when technology makes finding the best price even easier. If you are out and about shopping, just scan the bar code of any item to see if we can find it for you at a better price and with your 10% cashback savings. Just take a picture of the barcode, and we'll automatically look up the same product in our databases. If we don't have the product, then you can search for something similar.
Sometimes we see the perfect product, but can't spring for it at that moment. That's why we created the Loved List. Just by swiping on a merchant, you can save it for later and keep track of all your favourites for the perfect moment!
At Shop Appi we are so proud of the incredible shopping experience you can have, that we encourage you to share it with all of your friends on social media or your personal network. You can share the Application in the Account Section.
If you've lost or forgotten your password, click Forgot Password in the Account Section – Details.
You can view and update your membership details in the Account Section. If your email or postal address changes, or if your credit or debit card for billing expires, please update your personal details in this section.
In the Account Section, you'll find details of recent Applications you've visited, your purchase history and the cashback you've earned to date.
You are welcome to download Shop Appi on multiple devices. To sync up the information, simply make sure that you are logged into the Application.
De-installing Shop Appi from your phone does not cancel your membership.